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Hebei Ao Ming Pigment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, is a modern industrial enterprise specializing in the application of iron oxide-based chemical technology and production and sales of various pigments. The company has a large scale and outstanding production capacity, with an annual output of 40,000 tons. With its excellent product quality and perfect service system, it sells well in more than 30 provinces, cities and regions in China; and exports to more than 40 countries in Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. The area is well received by the market and praised by customers.
The company is engaged in the production of various industrialized pigments, focusing on production and research and development; it has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development of production technology with independent intellectual property rights. In addition to conventional iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide green, iron oxide orange, iron oxide brown, chrome oxide green, fine green and other products, it also carefully highlights the self-developed iron shovel green floor pigment; Excellent performance is highly praised by major downstream industries. It is widely used in many fields such as Emery wear-resistant floor building materials, terrazzo, colored asphalt, cement products, paints, paints, building templates, paper making, tipping paper, concrete, etc. .

The company has advanced and perfect testing equipment, including large-scale advanced iron oxide raw material crushing and drying equipment and reaction tanks. At the same time, it has purchased huge amounts of domestically advanced product testing and testing equipment to analyze the fine performance of finished products and ensure product quality. At the same time, equipped with a large number of skilled workers with rich experience in the production of chemical products, as well as research and development test management personnel; through strict production management and quality assurance system, fully in accordance with the national GB1863-89 technical requirements, in research and development, testing, production and other major The links have strong technical strength. The company's products are bright in color, high in coloring rate, and easy to fade, so as to provide customers with high quality, continuous, stable and consistent color products.
All along, we adhere to the business philosophy of “Technology creates products, products create the market”; in the future, we will continue to vigorously promote the three strategies of technology innovation, brand service, and business development, responsible for products, responsible for customers, and responsible for the company itself. To provide customers with high quality and low price products and satisfactory services for a long time, to achieve the harmonious development of economic, social and environmental benefits. Dedicated to win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign businesses, and common development, create brilliant!
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