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Iron oxide brown 686
  • Iron oxide brown 686

Iron oxide brown 686

Soluble in water, alcohol, ether and hot acid. The tinting strength and hiding power are very high. Light fastness and alkali resistance. No water permeability and oil permeability. The hue varies with the process, and it has yellow brown, red brown, black brown and so on. 

1、What is iron oxide brown

Iron oxide brown: FE2O3 AS BROWN PIGMENT, iron oxide, brown is a haber powder, brown powder. 

2、The main features of iron oxide brown

Soluble in water, alcohol, ether and hot acid. The tinting strength and hiding power are very high. Light fastness and alkali resistance. No water permeability and oil permeability. The hue varies with the process, and it has yellow brown, red brown, black brown and so on. 

3、The advantages of iron oxide brown pigment products

1. The product has bright color, strong coloring power and hiding power. It has stable action on light and atmosphere, good alkali resistance and easy dispersion, which can prevent floating and penetrating in the system.
2. The product powder is natural, delicate, stable color, not easy to fade.
3. The company's independent research and development, production, wide range of uses, low prices.
4. The company's multiple equipment testing, fine products, to ensure product quality. 

4、The main use of iron oxide brown pigment 

1. Use in the building materials industry
Such as colored cement, colored cement floor tiles, colored cement tiles, imitation glazed tiles, concrete floor tiles, colored mortar, colored asphalt, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble and wall flour brushes, etc.
2. Used for various paint coloring and protective substances
Such as water-based interior and exterior wall coatings, powder coatings, etc.; also applicable to oily lacquers including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primers and topcoats; also used in toy lacquers, decorative lacquers, furniture lacquers, electrophoretic lacquers and enamels. Iron red primer has anti-rust function, which can replace high-priced red dan paint and save non-ferrous metals.
3. Coloring for plastic products
Such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and the coloration of rubber products, such as car inner tubes, bicycle inner tubes and so on. 

5、Storage and transportation conditions of iron oxide brown

Packed in multi-layer kraft paper bags and stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse. Pay attention to moisture and avoid high temperatures. Do not mix with acid or alkali. According to the above storage conditions, the effective storage period of the packaged product is 3 years. 

6、Iron oxide brown toxicity and protection

Inhalation of dust can cause pneumoconiosis. The maximum allowable concentration of iron oxide aerosol (smoke) is 5mg/m3, and dust should be taken care of. 

7、The company's product quality control of iron oxide brown

1. According to the ISO9001 quality system, the company adopts ISO1248 and EN12878 quality standards, and has developed a complete raw material control and strict production control, a fine inspection system and a detailed marking and tracking system to ensure the consistency of iron oxide pigment quality.
2. Quality Assurance System: ISO9001:2008
3. Product quality standards: ISO1248, EN12878


8、The company's competitiveness

1. Price advantage, the supply price of the same quality product of the company is generally lower than 0.8 to 0.2 yuan compared with other companies.
2. 30000 square large warehouse, sufficient inventory of finished products and raw materials.
3. There are more than 200 employees in the factory, and the number of employees who have received orders is more than 50, and the handling of a large number of orders is highly efficient.
4. The factory has long-term stability and cooperation with major express and logistics companies, delivery delivery time is faster!
1. Product features
Material properties: the colors are yellow brown, red brown and dark brown. With good pigment characteristics and chemical properties, coloring power, hiding power are very high, weather resistance, light resistance is excellent. Insoluble in alkali, stable in a certain range of acidity, completely soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid.
Product name: iron palm, haba powder.
English name: Iron Oxide Brown
Common name: iron oxide brown
Main USES: cement construction, paint, ink, rubber and other industries.

2. Composition/composition information:
Chemical composition: Fe2O3
Appearance: brown powder
Pigment index: pigment red 101(77491), pigment yellow 42(77492), pigment black 11(77499),
CAS number: 1309-37-1,51274-00-1,1317-61-9
EEC no. : 215-168-2,257-098-5,215-277-5

3. Risk explanation
Dangerous note: not dangerous.
On the material on the human and environmental hazards in detail: so far, the product is not required to be a mandatory hazard labeling of a material.

4. First aid measures
After inhalation of the substance: should immediately breathe fresh air.
After skin contact with the substance: rinse with soapy water.
In case of contact with eyes: rinse with plenty of water for 10-15 minutes.

5. Fire control measures
Extinguish the fire by ordinary means.
Remove nearby hazardous material, remove its combustion residue, and ventilate to remove combustion gas products.
No special protection is required.
Proper breathing apparatus may be necessary.

6. Countermeasures for unexpected leakage
Reduce environmental pollution: do not enter public facilities, sewers or public areas with washing water.
Cleaning method/collection: when dust is generated, clean with a dry brush.

7. Storage method
Safe storage: sealed to prevent dust from entering.
Isolated from inflammable and explosive materials.
The product is not inflammable.
Store at room temperature, cool, dry and sealed.

8. Usage and personal protection
Workers' protection: when feeding, take measures to prevent the formation of dust.
Respiratory protection: wear dust mask when dust is formed.
Eye protection: wear an eye mask/mask.
Physical protection: wear appropriate protective clothing.
Hand protection: wear protective gloves
Other protection: keep away from food, drink and tobacco, and wash hands before rest and after work.

9. Physical and chemical properties
Appearance and properties: brown powder
Color: yellow brown, red brown, dark brown
Odor: odorless
PH: 3.5-7
Relative density: 4.3-4.8g/cm3
Vibration density: 0.8-1.0g/cm3
Related safety data (subject to conditions)
Melting point: 1565 ℃ dissolve)
Flash point: unknown
Flammability: unknown
Explosive characteristics: unknown
Saturation vapor pressure: unknown
Stability and reactivity
Stable product performance,
It will not be harmful if handled as required

11. Toxicity data
Practical experience: this kind of product does not pose a hazard to the body, and proper treatment and hygiene prevention can be given.

12. Ecological data
Do not throw empty bags of product packaging into sewer or water without treatment.
Do not store in public warehouses.

13. Packaging treatment
Contaminated packaging should be consigned to proper landfill.
The contaminated packaging must be emptied of all residues and cleaned properly so that the uncontaminated packaging can be reused for the next cycle.

14. Transportation
The product is not a dangerous substance.
Available in national/international road, rail, sea and air transport.

15. Restricted conditions
Hazard signs and hazard indications: no hazard signs.
Additional data: at present the product is not a mandatory imprinting of the substance.

16. Other data
Detailed list of existing product data of the department. All the data are based on the existing theoretical basis. We guarantee that the product does not have any characteristics of dangerous goods and does not affect the establishment of effective contractual relationship.

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